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7 Best Clay Pots for Cooking 🍳 Authentic and Delicious Meals 🍛

7 Best Clay Pots for Cooking 🍳 Authentic and Delicious Meals 🍛

Cooking with a clay pot is superior to cooking with a regular utensil for a number of reasons, including the numerous health advantages and the fact that it is much easier to prepare and results in better-quality meals. Clay pots retain heat and moisture because of their porous nature and the natural insulation of the material. The food is juicer, tenderer, and healthier than it would be with standard cooking since the moisture content is maintained. Due to the natural non-stick qualities of clay, food prepared in a clay pot can be prepared without the need for oil, resulting in a meal that is devoid of fat. Clay pots can be used on open flames, gas stoves, and microwave ovens while being environmentally friendly. Let’s talk about the top 7 clay pots that will allow you to prepare delicious and healthy meals at home.

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Swadeshi Blessings

Clay pots from Swadeshi Blessings provide a variety of vital elements to food, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulphur. All vitamins, including vitamin B12, are present in clay. Because clay is slightly porous, heat and moisture can pass through the pot more easily than they do in metal or enamel pots, making it ideal for slow cooking without overheating. This aids in keeping the food’s essential vitamins and minerals intact. It works with conventional chulhas, gas stoves and microwave ovens.


Craftsman clay pots provide a variety of minerals, including phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. Clay interacts with acids in food to help restore a normal pH balance because it is naturally alkaline. The item is fully handmade and eco-friendly. Due to the porous nature of these clay pots, heat and moisture can spread out evenly, retaining and juicing the food’s nutrients while it cooks without overheating or burning.

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Mitti Magic

Black clay cooking pots by Mitti Magic are porous in nature that let heat and moisture circulate evenly when cooking. When compared to food prepared with other types of utensils, this allows the food to retain greater nutritional content. The alkaline character of clay pots, which neutralises the acidic value of food and prevents stomach irritability or digestion-related disorders, is one of their health benefits. In order to preserve the natural moisture and oils found in the food, these pots use a slower cooking method and a longer heating time.


Ezahk clay pots are completely handmade and given a mirror shine by being extensively polished with a high-quality stone. The product is fired or baked in a unique way that produces a white shading effect. Due to its poor heat conductivity, clay keeps meals warm for a longer period of time, preventing frequent re-heating. It works with conventional chulhas, gas stoves, and microwave ovens. With these clay pots, you can cook rice, dal, and veggies and experience food’s real, original flavour like never before. Additionally, you can use it to serve both savoury and sweet dishes.

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Palvit clay pots have a traditional appearance and a modern colour that make them suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings. This clay pot enriches food with a variety of necessary elements, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulphur. These clay pots are heavy-duty yet portable, and the rim makes it easy to move the pot even when it is filled. Since clay is relatively porous by nature, unlike metal and enamel pots, heat and moisture can move throughout the pot, making it ideal for slow cooking without overheating. This aids in keeping the food’s essential vitamins and minerals intact. These clay pots are entirely natural and organic, created without any chemicals or dyes that give the clay a consistent reddish or black finish.


Satvaa premium clay pots have a special cover, and their mud is heated to a very high temperature, making them the best earthen cookware that is safe for use on gas stoves and in microwave ovens. Since they are handmade by talented artisans in far-off communities, these clay pots have an exquisite aromatic taste. In these clay pots, you can cook a wide variety of flavourful dishes, including biryani, rice, chicken, mutton curry, and many others. They are really easy to clean and sit perfectly on the burner thanks to the clay’s smooth, natural texture. With less oil needed and excellent depth, these clay pots are excellent.

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You can get all the nutrients you require from Vaghbhatt clay pots, including phosphorous, iron, magnesium, and a number of other minerals. Clay pots help balance the pH of food by interacting with the acid in it because they are naturally alkaline. Due to the porous nature of these earthen pots, heat and moisture can circulate evenly, resulting in healthier and more precise foods that don’t burn or overheat. You can cook all kinds of veggies, meat, and seafood in these clay pots. You’ll appreciate how much better food tastes when it’s prepared in these earthenware dishes.

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