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8 Best Chandeliers ūüēé in India for Home D√©cor

8 Best Chandeliers ūüēé in India¬† for Home D√©cor

Chandeliers add beauty to your home decor. The modern home is incomplete without a chandelier. It makes the space so colourful and elegant. A chandelier can be fitted into any room, such as a living room, hall, bedroom, or dining room. It can be placed on the high ceiling of any room to make it classy and look beautiful. They are available on the market in different designs, materials, and sizes. Let us discuss the 8 best chandeliers to add charm to your modern home.

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Spiral Crystal Chandelier

Spiral Crystal Chandelier from Discount 4 Product is a stylish piece of decor that will add a touch of elegance to your living room. It has a height capacity of 6 feet and weighs 4 kg. This crystal chandelier is suitable for the living room, hall, or staircase area of the house. The 6.8 mm of beads and 30 mm of drops are all made of glass. A 5-led light is installed in it, which gives perfect lighting to your living area. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the product from the date of purchase.

Swanart Peacock Round Chandelier

Swanart Peacock Round Chandelier features a new generation LED light source with an extremely long lifespan. The LED bulbs are energy-saving and can be used for a long time. It is suitable for both household and commercial spaces. The peacock-round chandelier looks more luxurious and expensive and adds charm to your living room. The product measures 30.5×30.5×12.7 cm and weighs 1.98 kg. It can be fitted into a bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, kids’ room, or home office.

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Prop It Up Crown

The Prop It Up Crown Chandelier gives an antique and royal look to your home d√©cor. It is made with high-quality glass and steel material, which has a long shelf life and is highly durable. Your ceiling will remain the same for many years as it is highly durable and lightweight. It is suitable to be fitted in homes, hotels, restaurants, or bars. It gives an attractive, as well as vintage look to the interior of your home. The product’s dimensions are 61x61x63.5 cm and it weighs 3.4 kg. The bulbs are not included with this chandelier, so you need to buy them separately.

Avior Low Height Chandelier

This low-height chandelier from Avior is golden in color, which adds an elegant look to your home d√©cor. This hanging fixture includes an imported E-27 inbuilt bulb holder, but the bulbs are not included and must be purchased separately. This Avior low-height chandelier is suitable for a bedroom, living room, hotel, mall, shop, club, pool table, or even a foyer or entryway. The product’s dimensions are 12x80x15 cm and it weighs 800 g. It improves your interior design and gives a luxurious look to your surroundings.

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Sanleen Raindrop Chandelier

The Sanleen Raindrop Chandelier is an ideal choice for your living room, dining room, hallways, offices, hotels, wedding halls, and so on. It features an excellent design and a luxurious look with its brilliant raindrop crystals. The light is crafted of high-quality chromed polished steel, which is highly durable and has a long-lasting shining effect. It brightens up your space with its modern pendant light and adds a warm touch to your indoor space. It has a height capacity of 3 feet and weighs around 5 kg.

Groeien Cluster Chandelier

The Groeien 3-Light Cluster Chandelier has a classic design that illuminates your living room or dining room with its three cube-shaped lights suspended from a round plate on black-finished rods displayed at different heights. The hanging fixture comes with fitted E27 Edison vintage bulbs that are not included, so you must buy them separately. It is best for the outdoors, living room, kitchen, or bedroom. The product dimension is 8×1.5×1.3 cm and weighs 249 g.

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A Vilro chandelier light can be used as a pendant light for the ceiling, a hanging light for the ceiling, or a ceiling light to give a rustic touch to your interior space. The Vilro chandelier has a stylish design and an elegant look, which adds an authentic look to your living space. The product’s dimensions are 47x47x71 mm and it weighs 1.8 kg. The box contains 1 round ceiling plate with ceiling fitting, fixture, and 3 screws, 3 hanging wires with holders and fixtures, and 3 hand-manorated glass shades. It does not come with bulbs, so you need to buy them separately.

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The Tripping 3-light chandelier is a decorative, handcrafted hanging pendant light that gives an attractive look to the area with its multi-colored glass. It is very easy to put it on the ceiling by hanging this pendant lamp on the ceiling. The product’s dimensions are 50x28x55 cm and it weighs 3.79 kg. This Tripping 3-Light Chandelier is suitable for a hotel, office, bedroom, indoors or outdoors, or a wedding venue. This lamp is made by skilled artisans.

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