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9 Best Shoe Racks for Keeping Your Shoes Organized

9 Best Shoe Racks for Keeping Your Shoes Organized

A house becomes a home when everything is perfectly organized. We always organise everything, like clothes, books, and other accessories, except shoes, which actually create a mess if not paired or kept in the right place. Finding the right shoe rack that is spacious, durable, and budget-friendly is quite difficult. Today, we will discuss the 9 best shoe racks to organise your footwear.

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Deckup offers you a stylish 3-door wooden shoe rack. You can keep your 12 to 15 pairs of shoes easily on three spacious shelves. It has a portable design with wooden legs, which ensures easy cleaning and avoids any dirt or dust. The basket-weave door enables air circulation while preventing mould growth on shoes. It is perfect for everyone in the house. You can keep shoes for kids, adults, and teens easily in this Deckup shoe rack. The product requires assembly and comes with manual assembly instructions and hardware to self-assemble the product.


The Benesta Multi-purpose Shoe Rack has a 5-tier metal body. It is made of hard steel. The item measures 31 x 69.5 x 67 cm and weighs 2.9 kg. This shoe rack easily accommodates 12 to 15 pairs of shoes. It is lightweight and easy to assemble. It comes with user manual instructions so that you can easily assemble it at home.

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Solimo Shoe Rack

Solimo is an Amazon brand. This shoe rack consists of steel and metal pipe frames. It comes with corrosion-free metal pipes, sturdy steel rods, and high-quality plastic components. The outer layer is covered with high-quality non-woven fabric and a long-lasting zipper. It also includes side pockets to store small accessories like brushes, polish, and so on. It is a stable and durable item and comes with a user manual for assembling this shoe rack at home. It has 4 racks that can store 6 to 8 pairs of shoes easily.


Delta offers a plastic cabinet for shoe storage. It is made of high-quality plastic, which ensures ultimate strength and durability for the product. It has a high load-bearing capacity. It can be easily and quickly assembled by following the simple steps provided with the package to assemble the product. It has three shelves that can store 10 to 12 pairs of shoes. The product’s dimensions are 38x65x70 cm and it weighs 6.85 kg.

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Nilkamal is a lightweight, dual-door cabinet that is made of high-quality plastic. It provides enough space to store shoes, sandals, and flip-flops. It comes with an in-built door lock for the safety of your shoes. The sturdy metal rods easily handle your footwear with care. It is designed to resist corrosion and repel termites effectively. It comes with an easy-to-assemble user manual. The product measures 35.5×59.5×123 cm and weighs 12 kg. It has six racks, which can easily accommodate eight to 12 pairs of shoes.


The Oumffy Shoe Rack is a portable shoe rack organiser that has six layers and can store 24 pairs of women’s shoes or 18 pairs of men’s shoes. The 6-tier shoe rack is made of corrosion-resistant metal pipe, sturdy PP connectors, and water-proof non-woven fabric. It also comes with a zippered cloth cover to protect your shoes from dust. You can remove one or two layers to fit your high heels or high boots. It is easy to assemble. The stylish design gives a modern touch to your closet or entryway.

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Aysis Shoe Rack is a 10-cube double decker shoe rack that can be assembled in a variety of styles to meet your specific requirements. It is made of eco-friendly material. The rustproof iron frame made the panel easy to maintain. It can hold shoes from athletic to high heels or work boots to meet your long-term storage needs. The PP plastic panel is durable and can be cleaned with water. The plastic door with a metal ring keeps dust out of your shoes.


Flipzon’s shoe rack has 4 shelves and can store 12 pairs of shoes easily. It is made of plastic and metal pipes. It can be assembled easily with the help of the user manual. The package includes two plastic parts and eight metal pipes. The product measures 16.5x66x57 cm and weighs 1.1 kg. It is lightweight and can be placed anywhere.

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Cello Novelty

The shoe racks from Cello Novelty are made of high-quality plastic. It comes with six rods, which will form three verticals to store shoes. The product requires simple assembly and comes with user instructions. It has air vents that keep shoes away from odor. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the product from the date of purchase. The product measures 59.3x37x63.6 cm and weighs 5.66 kg. This shoe rack can easily accommodate 8 to 10 pairs of shoes.

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